Moving from one M365 tenant to another?

Altosio is the tool you need. It helps you migrate your Planner data quickly, securely, and accurately.

Our SaaS platform automates data migration from one tenant to another for MS Planner. 

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Altosio team also provides managed migration solutions .

What is migrated in a Planner to Planner migration scenario?

  • Plans, with the Team or Office Unified Group in which they belong
  • Permissions (members and owners)
  • Logo
  • Files with their metadata (created by, created at, modified by, modified at)
  • Underlying Sharepoint site with all of its folders and files
  • Buckets
  • Tasks 
  • Task details including title, assignees, description, start date, due date, comments, attachments, progress, priority, checklist, and comments
  • Group’s mailbox

3 steps to move your data

Your Accounts

Select Project to Migrate


Easy & Automated Planner Migration

Save Time

Avoid manually migrating each file and save 90% of the time

Full Control

Customize your migration by selecting the boards to migrate

No Data Loss

Never miss any file. All attachments are 100% migrated

24/7 Support

Our engineers are always there to assist you if you have questions

The migration of a Planner to Planner scenario is a process in which data and assets from one instance of Planner is moved and copied to another instance. A planer migration is the transfer of data, assets, workflows, permissions, and other configuration settings from one Planner account to another MS 365 Tenant.

Tenant to tenant migrations involve tedious tasks. This is why we created a migration tool for Microsoft Planner. With its light-weight, scalable and easy-to-use SaaS tool, Altosio lets you migrate from one Microsoft 365 tenant to the another. The data migration process is quick and seamless for end users. 

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