Effortlessly Migrate Your Project Data

You need to switch to a new collaboration tool and don’t want to spend countless hours manually migrating files from one account to the other? With our tool, all your projects, boards and data will be automatically migrated in no time and you will not miss a single file.

Supported Platforms

We currently support these platforms. If your tool is not shown, contact us and we will find you a solution

In only 3 steps

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Select Project to Migrate


What We Offer You

Save Time

Avoid manually migrating each file and save 90% of the time

Full Control

Customize your migration by selecting the boards to migrate

No Data Loss

Never miss any file. All attachments are 100% migrated

24/7 Support

Our engineers are always there to assist you if you have questions

About Us

We have more than 10 years of experience in migrating software, building data pipelines and creating cloud services. We will ensure a smooth transition for you so you focus on your projects and not on migrating files.

Fast, Automated

Secure, Reliable

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Reach out to us for a demo or if you have any question

Reach out to us for a demo or if you have any question