How to generate a Wrike token?

In order to migrate from/to Wrike, you need to generate a Permenant Access Token. This token is needed to authenticate to your Wrike environment and to read data from it. You can follow the steps below to generate the token from your Wrike subscription.
  1. Login to your Wrike subscription and go to you Wrike App Console.
  2. Under App name, give your app a name i.e “Altosio” and then click Create new.
  3.  Scroll down to the Permenant Access Token section and click Create token. You will be prompted a pop-up where you will have to input your password. Provide your password and then clcik Obtain token.
  4. Your token will then appear on the bottom of the screen. Save it and paste it into your Altosio Wrike connector.
Having trouble generating your Wrike token? Please open a support ticket at